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Choosing the correct content management system is a crucial step in developing your website. Yes, there are many to choose from, but only one CMS offers as much as Joomla CMS.

What makes Joomla the number one CMS is its wide array of features, and all features are customer-friendly. In the world of technology, customer-friendly are catch-words that are so very important. Let's take a look at a few of the features that make Joomla the go-to content management system.
• Easy updates on a click: There is nothing complicated about Joomla. In fact, it was designed with the customer in mind, the average customer who has a minimum of tech knowledge. With easy-to-use instructions, updating your site is as simple as a single click of your mouse. At the same time, Joomla is so very easy for web developers to use. It truly is the CMS that appeals to customers and web developers as well.
• Smart search: Joomla has been designed so that any search is a streamlined search that goes right to the information that is needed.
• Customized templates: You can choose to design your own template or use the templates already offered on Joomla. The ones offered are numerous and include the best in readability and ease of handling.
• Easy navigation: Most people will tell you, and studies have shown, that the number one concern for anyone on a website is the ease of navigation. Time is short and people are in a hurry in today's world. The last thing needed is confusion while trying to steer a course on a website. Joomla makes it oh so simple!
• Plenty of plug-ins: No matter what it is you want to add to your Joomla site, you have that capability with a wide-array of available plug-ins.
• SEO friendly: Yes, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is so very important, and Joomla sites are designed to make the most of optimal keywords so that search engines will recognize your input.
• Back-end maintenance: On Joomla, maintenance is as easy as opening the administrative window and following simple instructions.
• Multiple database support: Joomla has been designed so that it can be operated on multiple database systems, making it the CMS most adaptable to any system.

In the business world, the website is king! No other technological advancement has produced the instant results that a well-designed website can produce. With that in mind, don't you think it best to use the number one content management system? If you answered yes to that question, then Joomla CMS is the only choice!

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