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Simply stated, email marketing is promoting your business through the medium of email. It is sending a commercial message to customers, and that can include ads, business requests, and sales solicitations, as well as building a foundation of trust and brand awareness.

Email marketing usually includes the following approaches:

• Sending emails to improve the relationship between your company and customers
• Sending emails to acquire new customers
• Sending emails to encourage sales
• Sending emails with advertisements promoting your products


There are several reasons why a company would use email marketing:
• Email marketing is very cost effective and one of the least-expensive forms of marketing
• Nearly 50% of internet users send and receive email
• The return on investment is excellent, and it can be tracked with proper software
• Email marketing is fast and efficient, much more so that traditional "snail mail."


These features should be available in any email marketing provider. Remember that the email marketing services must provide for the specific needs of your unique company.
• Check the number of services available. The more marketing "feature sets" available, the better; the more sets available means the more flexibility available for an email campaign.
• Email marketing services should be easy to use. Few business owners have the time to learn new technology, so the simpler the better.
• Email marketing is worthless unless it gives you the ability to create marketing campaigns; those campaigns must have customizing capabilities so that they meet your distinct needs.
• All email marketing should be able to track results. Are you reaching who you need to reach, and are you experiencing success from the email campaign?


There are key elements to every email marketing campaign. They include:
• The subject line must be concise and clear. This is the golden fruit of any email correspondence; if it is not short, precise, honest and persuasive then you will lose the customer before they ever read the email.
• Every email must have a killer introduction! The goal is to have the customer read the entire email, and the only way for that to happen is to hook them with the first few sentences.
• Be very clear with your message! Why are you writing the email? If your customer can't tell what your purpose is then you have failed.
• Have a call to action! What do you want them to do? Order your product? Then state that clearly and simply!
Following these guidelines will put you well on your way to a successful email campaign, and choosing the right email marketing service is crucial to the success of your business.

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