The best way to improve the search engine results of your company's website is to publish content that is optimized for search engines and informative for your readers. Google uses hundreds of parameters to decide the ranking of all pages relevant to a query.

Each article created by our copywriting team includes the basic SEO features.

Content is King: Well written, useful content that readers will share with their friends. This increases your inbound links.

Use of Keywords: The title should include the main keywords for the article. In the body, though, do not repeat the keyword over and over. Instead use different words that are relevant to the main keywords. Your keyword research will provide this.

Use H1 Tag for Your Title: The H1 tag tells Google and other search engines that this is important. Using this, backed up by using the keywords in the article helps with SEO. H2 tags are also good for sub headings.

Keyword Density: The main keywords should appear in the title, towards the begining of the article and at the end of the article. Support the article with synonyms of the main keyword and changing the plurality of the words. Do not stuff the article with keywords as this is considered spamming.

Emphasize Words: Use italics, underline and bolding on main keywords.

Meta Tags: Create a title and description meta tag for each article. They should be unique for each article and the title and description should be similiar but not identical for the article.

Article File Name: Use the main keywords of the article in the file name.

Cross Linking of Articles: Link keywords in your article to other articles using similiar content and keywords.

External Links: Link to useful websites that are relevant to the article.

Number of Words in Article: Make sure that your article text is higher than the amount of code for the page. The ideal article should be 400-700 words.

Skip Flash: Flash is not SEO friendly and can be resource intense.

Skip Frames: Use of frames will significantly hurt your ranking in search engines.

Plurals: Use singular and plural version of your keywords since they are treated seperately in search engines.

CS Publications provides professional copywriting for our customers. Articles can be written for initial web design or included in ongoing maintenance. All articles include the above criteria. Cost for these services varies depend on the amount of articles needed. 

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