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How does an individual or company reach internet users? How is that gap bridged? It is bridged by a web hosting company. Just as a car transmission takes the power of the engine and sends it to the wheels for forward motion, so too does a web hosting company take a personal or business webpage and send it to the internet so it is accessible to all internet users.


There are quite a few web hosting companies available; with that in mind, what should you look for?
• What is its industry rating?
• How quickly can you get phone support when problems arise?
• How much disk space is available?
• What is the bandwidth?
• Are free domains included?
• How many domains are allowed?
• Is there a money back guarantee?
• What is the set up fee?


Disk space refers to the amount of hard disk space you are given by your web hosting provider. Think in terms of your website. All of the text, pictures, videos, etc. take up space, and it is obviously important that all of that space is provided under the contract with your web host.
Remember, too, that you will be adding on to your site in the future, so that needs to be accounted for as well. You can get an approximation of the amount of disk space simply by loading all of your website documents on your own disk. Windows provides that information simply by going to your disk and right-clicking; under "properties" you will find the space that is being used. It will be the same for a web host site.


Bandwidth is a measure of the amount of data that can be downloaded by potential customers from your website. Obviously, the more traffic you get, the more bandwidth you will need, and if you are successful you certainly do not want to be limited in bandwidth.
A simple rule: the more bandwidth that your web hosting service will give you, the better, and unlimited is the ultimate goal.


Safe Harbor is a framework developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce that insures that your data is protected in non-European countries. It makes sure that your data is secure and safe. Always make sure, when choosing a web hosting service, that they are in compliance with the Safe Harbor regulations.


Again, this is a matter of protection. When receiving credit card payments, or making credit card payments online, protection is the name of the game. A good web hosting company will meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, thus insuring your safety regarding financial transactions.
Yes, there are a great number of considerations when choosing a web hosting company, but choose wisely. The future of your company depends on these considerations.

For any business, email communication is crucial in today's business world. Fast, reliable, glitch-free email is the goal of any company that provides email hosting because let's face it, communication efficiency can make or break a business.

Email hosting basically means that your provider offers email services to your company. Just as companies like Yahoo offer the basic email hosting for free, with limited options, some companies offer a more personalized and efficient email hosting that has more options available.

Imagine a nightmare scenario. Your company lives and breathes with your email. You do hundreds of thousands of dollars in business with email generated sales, and suddenly there is a glitch in the program. Your email inquiries do not arrive, your orders do not arrive, and your company is at a stand-still until the glitch can be solves. Unfortunately, the email hosting went down on a Sunday and you can't find tech support. What do you do?

Well, what you do is lose money! That's why choosing an efficient email hosting company is vital.

So, what should you look for in your email hosting provider?


• Competitive pricing: there are countless providers of email hosting, and when supply of a service is up, price is down. Shop around for the best package at the best price.
• 24/7 technical support: there is nothing worse for a company than not being able to communicate with the rest of the business world. Make sure there are technicians available around the clock, and make sure their response time is fast.
• Safe, secure, and spam free: within most companies, the main source of communication is via email, and that includes sensitive subject matter that you do not want shared with the rest of the world. Your email host should be able to guarantee the safety of your information and communication.
• Email archival: in today's world of lawsuits and IRS inquiries, it is vital that you be able to find past correspondence at the click of the mouse. Good email hosting insures that all of your emails are a click away so that whenever you need them you can have them instantly.


Remember, there are a great number of companies that provide email hosting, and also remember that this is a crucial decision for your business. Be diligent as you shop around; compare, ask questions, and make sure your final decision is information-based.

Windows and Linux refer to different types of operating systems. The most popular operating system for web servers is Linux. Due to it's popularity, there are more features for websites. Windows servers are used when you have specific Window applications that you need. Another difference is that file names are case sensitive on Linux servers and are not on Windows servers.

Below is a list of Windows applications that require a Windows server:

  • ASP Classic
  • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • MS Access (Microsoft Access)
  • Visual Basic Development
  • C#
  • Remote Desktop (dedicated server only)
  • Microsoft Exchange (requires license & installation)
  • Microsoft SharePoint (requires license & installation)

Below is a list of applications that require a Linux server:


  • SSH
  • Scripts or applications that require specific Apache modules


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