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Domain Names

One of the most important business decisions you will ever make should also be one of the first decisions you make. Specifically, we are talking about choosing the domain name for your business.

Consider that the first thing a potential client is going to see....the first representation of your business....is the domain name. First impressions are always powerful, and for a business owner, the first impression given by the domain name is crucial and might mean the difference between success and failure on your website.

There are several considerations when choosing a domain name; what follows are six of the more important to consider.
1. Including keywords of your business in the url. Today, SEO rules the internet, so make sure your domain name is search-engine friendly by including keywords in the name. If you are a dog food retail store, there is a huge difference between www.doggiefood.com and www.doggie.com. The keywords dog and food might be the difference in many future sales.
2. In most cases, it is suggested that you try to get your company name in the url. This poses an interesting problem of which comes first, the company name or assuring you can get the company name in the url? It is suggested that you check available urls before settling on a company name if at all possible.
3. Keep the domain name short. www.annandelainesdogfoodemporium.com may say exactly what the business is, but for a customer with a short attention span it probably says far too much.
4. Include the meaning of the business in the domain name. This should be self-explanatory but it is amazing how many business owners ignore it. www.billsshop.com tells prospective customers absolutely nothing of value.
5. Consider alternative extensions. If you are strongly set on a particular business name, but it has already been taken with .com as the extension, then consider an alternative. Instead of www.doggiefood.com you might consider www.doggiefood.fortworth.
6. Always check your competition. See what works for your competitors, and consider that before committing to your domain name. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel if a particular idea is working quite well in the marketplace.

These are just a few of the suggestions as you begin to consider one of the most important business decisions you will make. Remember that many things can be changed about your business, but once that url has been decided upon, you cannot change it. That fact alone should encourage you to take your time and make sure that this decision is the right one.

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