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Tuesday, 16 April 2013 16:39

SEO Copywriting

So you now have your website, and you are ready for business. The website is perfectly designed, the information has been logically stated, and all you have to do now is sit back and wait for the internet traffic to knock at your door.

However, many business owners wait, and wait, and still no traffic comes their way. What is the problem?

Most likely the problem is in a lack of purposeful SEO copywriting, without which you, the business owner, are in for a very long wait for that traffic.


In simplest terms, SEO Copywriting, or Search Engine Copywriting, is a writing of text that not only draws the web surfer to your site, but also uses high-ranking search terms so that your site will rank high with search engines.

This process not only includes the text itself, but also a correctly written title, meta description, keywords, tags, sub-headings and alt text.


The world of information is rapidly changing, and the number one instrument of that change is the computer. No one uses a telephone book any longer; few use an encyclopedia or dictionary any longer. Information is king and a large percentage of information is attained on the web.

If a prospective customer does a web search for a term related to your business, it is obviously to your advantage that the search leads to your website. If a person in need of dog-grooming does a search of those words, and you are a dog groomer, you would want your business to appear on the first page of that search. SEO Copywriting achieves that goal.


As stated earlier, the goal of SEO Copywriting is to bring web searchers to your website, and this is achieved by a number of strategies. This is not just about key terms. Using proper headings and subheadings is important. The use of lists and bullet points are attractive to the average reader, as are applicable photos. In other words, it is not enough to have your website appear on the search engine's first page; the website page must also be done well enough so that the searcher will be willing to stay and gather information from it. The searcher must be instantly attracted to the page and interested enough to continue reading once they are at the page.

If all aspects of SEO Copywriting are done properly, the business owner will have a very short wait for the web traffic that will drive sales and bring about success.

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